Colleague Support Fund

The Colleague Support Fund is designed to provide a means whereby member centers and their staff can support one another in times of natural disaster, significant crisis, or other events that tax the energy and resources of counseling center staff members. While we know we can count on one another for moral support through the listserv, and often provide “on the ground” practical support in the forms of consultation, emergency visiting counselors and the like, the emotional toll that these types of incidents can take affect the well-being of our director colleagues and their staff members. 

This fund will be used to purchase electronic VISA gift cards. These cards will be sent to member centers with a message of support from our organization. The centers can use these gift cards in whatever way they feel is best to support their staff through a difficult time. Some may choose to order meals or treats for their staff, or do a movie and popcorn event, or pay for flowers or plants to brighten the mood in the waiting room. No restrictions will be placed on recipients to allow directors to determine what will be most helpful in their specific circumstance.

This is a voluntary fund, supported by donations from member centers. The fund is administered by cmcglobal, with support of the Board and volunteer directors who will work with the Board to release the funds at the appropriate times.

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