General Information

The Elements of Enrichment Committee is comprised of 12 members of the Association of College and University Counseling Center Directors appointed by the AUCCCD Governing Board. The committee's mission is to provide impetus and structure to help the organization address the following issues in a coordinated, consistent and collaborative fashion:

  • leadership development
  • management skill development
  • creative visioning about current and future issues affecting college and university counseling centers

The E-of-E Committee meets once a year half-way between national conferences to develop an agenda for the upcoming conference, and then provides the faculty/facilitators for those conference programs.  E-of-E programs at the national conference typically are among the highest attended sessions and receive some of the most positive participant evaluations.

New Directors Leadership Institute. The Institute is offered as a pre-conference program open to new (0-3 years) directors of counseling centers. The program addresses topics related to adjustment to the role of director, leadership development, and the challenges of managing time, budget, personnel, and politics. 

Pre-Conference Program.  The E-of-E also offers a pre-conference half-or full-day program on a current issue of interest in the field of college or university counseling.

Consulting Directors on Duty.  Attending directors can sign up for a one-on-one consultation with an experienced director.  E-of-E coordinates the group of senior director/consultants and organizes the sign-up process for consultations at the conference.

Featured 90-minute Sessions.  E-of-E provides featured programs during each of the conference breakout sessions.  Although sessions can be provided in any format, popular session formats include Difficult Dialogues, Trials by Fire, and Town Halls.

E-of-E History

E-of-E Leadership

Criteria for E-of-E Membership

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