Elements of Excellence Committee

Elements of Excellence Membership (2019)

Charlie Morse (Co-Chair)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Juanita Martin (Co-Chair)

University of Akron

Jeff Ng (Co-Chair Apprentice)
Fordham University

Core Group:

Cory Wallack (Past Chair, Final Year)
Syracuse University

Dianna Abel
Weber State University

Ernesto Escoto

University of Florida

Sharon Kirkland Gordon
University of Maryland

ValaRay Irvin
Southern University and A&M College

Emilia Petrillo
University of Baltimore – Maryland

Monroe Rayburn
The Catholic University of America

Rose Signorello (Final year)
University of St. Thomas – Houston

Scott Strader
University of South Florida

E-of-E General Information


Criteria for E-of-E Membership

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