Criteria for Elements of Excellence Membership

The Elements of Excellence Committee seeks to develop and sustain a talented and diverse core membership of 12 individuals from within the organization to act as leaders in developing and presenting on topics at our annual meeting critical to the overall success and well-being of AUCCCD members.

This is achieved by seeking nominations (self and other) from within the organization of individuals who exemplify characteristics as described in the E of E Membership criteria. At each annual mid-year planning meeting, current core members review interest statements and letters of support from all applicants and decide who will be invited to join the core group based on several factors. These include the number of open slots (2 open slots will be filled in 2022), the strength of each candidate as it relates to E of E criteria, and sustaining diversity within the core group in terms of identity diversity, university size and location and professional discipline.

Core group members commit to serve for a three-year term with an option to renew for one additional term of up to three years.

Nominations (self and others) should all be forwarded to us by March 7, 2022.

Questions? Contact co-chairs, Scott Strader ([email protected]) or ValaRay Irvin ([email protected])

E-of-E Membership Interest Statement

Criteria for Elements of Excellence Membership:

The following criteria for membership allows for a sustainable and engaging process for both the “who” and the “how” of the work of the committee.

Skilled Communicator and Collaborator

  • Strong Interpersonal/inter-group Skills
  • Actively engages and collaborates others within AUCCCD
  • Maintains a balanced, well-reasoned perspective

Strategic, “Outside of the Box” Thinker

  • Strategic, systems-level, big picture thinker
  • Willing & able to think “outside of the box”
  • Creative, visionary, imaginative, synergistic, curious

“Leader among Peers”

  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Empowers, inspires, influences, and motivates others
  • Committed to mentoring

Affirmation and Commitment to Diversity, Multiculturalism and Inclusion

  • Awareness, knowledge and skill addressing issues of multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion
  • Demonstrated experience advocating social justice and inclusion
  • Humility and curiosity about different perspectives

Strong Organizational Skills & Presentation Skills

  • Strong work ethic
  • Strong organizational and follow-through skills
  • Demonstrated experience collaborating on presentations

Expert/Knowledgeable about Issues Facing Counseling Centers

  • Knowledgeable about the counseling center roles and functions
  • Expertise in college student mental health
  • Familiar with recent relevant data and reports

Strong AUCCCD Affiliation & Active AUCCCD Participation

  • Active participant in AUCCCD (e.g., listserv, leadership positions, Board)
  • AUCCCD Conference participation and presentations
  • Commitment to prioritizing E of E (serve out 3 year term & attend annual E of E mid-year and AUCCCD conferences)

E-of-E History

E-of-E Leadership

General Information

Questions? Contact the AUCCCD Office.