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I hope your semester is wrapping up quietly and you are getting some much deserved rest and relaxation. If ever there was a perk as a director, a quieter summer is that perk.

Do you get excited watching the Oscars? Do Grammys make you giddy? Do you ever wish you were on a nominating committee? Well, now is your chance! Join Comm Comm as we review submissions for the upcoming 2024 AUCCCD awards season.  We will be reviewing submissions for the AUCCCD Media Award and the AUCCCD Leighton Whitaker Memorial Scholarship Award.  There will be a red carpet and it will be televised (on Zoom).

If you want to find out more about the awards, please visit:

I am hoping to encourage ten of you to volunteer to help review the nominations for these two awards.  I, and the truly outstanding members of the Communications Committee (Laurie Scherer, Jenny Vargas, Jaime Castillo, Gary Glass, Kodee Walls, Laurel Collins, Sonya Ford, Danielle Oakley, Coreen Bohl) will also review.  We would like five additional members for each award review committee. 

Work will require 1-2 hours of your time over the summer reviewing nominations and making evaluation ratings.  We will take volunteers on a first come, first served basis, which I hope does not necessarily disadvantage anyone.  And if not this, there are so many additional ways to be involved with the work of AUCCCD!

Let me know your desire to volunteer ([email protected]) and thanks in advance for your service!  Spoiler alert! This is a fun process!

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