2022 Board of Directors | Election 

2022 Election Open September 26 - October 10

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This year we have an election for a President-Elect and 7 governing Board members (three 3-year terms, two 2-year terms, and two 1-year terms). Members typically serve a 3-year term however we are filling vacant seats this year. The newly elected individuals will assume their roles on Tuesday October 11th (5pm) with a meeting of introductions to the Board and discussions of committee interests.  

Candidates for the AUCCCD President-Elect

  1. Lynn A. Braun, M.A., P.C.C.-S., Defiance College - Candidate Statement
  2. Aesha Uqdah, Psy.D, HSP, University of Louisville - Candidate Statement

Candidates for the AUCCCD Governing Board

  1. Thomas (Tom) Baez, Ph.D., Furman University - Candidate Statement
  2. Aaron T. Barnes, Psy.D., The University of Arizona - Candidate Statement
  3. Kimberly Boone, MA, LMHC, LPC, Valparaiso University Candidate Statement
  4. Carrie Brown, Ph.D., Syracuse University - Candidate Statement
  5. Craig Burns, Ph.D., Boston College - Candidate Statement
  6. Serena Butler-Johnson, Psy.D., University of the District of Columbia - Candidate Statement
  7. Jaime Castillo, Ph.D., State University of New York (SUNY) at Geneseo - Candidate Statement
  8. Calvin R. Chin, Ph.D., Princeton University - Candidate Statement
  9. Sonya L. Ford, LCPC, NCC, NCSC, BC-TMH, American University of Antigua - Candidate Statement
  10. Gary Glass, Ph.D., Oxford College of Emory University - Candidate Statement
  11. David M. Graham, Ph.D., LCMHCS, NCC, Davidson College - Candidate Statement
  12. Chetan Joshi, Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park - Candidate Statement
  13. Jeff W. Knapp, MSW, LICSW, University of Nebraska Medical Center - Candidate Statement
  14. Andrea J. Lawson, LCSW, California Polytechnic State University - Candidate Statement
  15. Teresa M. Michaelson, Ph.D., LMHC, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach Campus - Candidate Statement
  16. Mark F. Patishnock, Ph.D., Michigan State University - Candidate Statement
  17. Kathleen S. Sauls, MA, LPC, ALPS, AADC, West Virginia University Institute of Technology - Candidate Statement
  18. Richard Shadick, Ph.D., Pace University - Candidate Statement
  19. Lauren Strunk. LPC, ABD, Dickinson College - Candidate Statement
  20. Kodee Walls, Ph.D., LP, ABPP, Kansas State University - Candidate Statement
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Being on the AUCCCD Board is an excellent way to assist in leading the organization and to help the association continue on its path as the leaders for college student mental health. The work of Board members includes 2 days of meetings before the annual conference, a mid-year meeting in the Spring that often coincides with other national conferences, board conference calls a few times per year and serving on 2-3 committees. All expenses associated with Board work and responsibilities are covered by AUCCCD.

For our association to continue to thrive, it is imperative that the Board is reflective of the entire membership. This means you are qualified to run! There is no minimum years of experience required to serve on the Board. The Board needs directors from all professional backgrounds, school sizes, personal backgrounds and characteristics. As we all learn to navigate this new world and continue to implement unique college mental health services models, with social justice front of mind, all voices should be represented on the Board. Members who want to contribute, learn, work and have some fun would make excellent Board members! I welcome the opportunity, as do all current Board members, to address any questions you have about serving on this dynamic Board. 

Nominees for President-elect must have previously served on the Board.  The role of president is a 4-year term (president-elect for one year, president for 2 years, past-president for one year).

Questions? Contact the AUCCCD Office.